Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives

Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives | One of the admirable continuous efforts of Shaklee is in their commitment of providing a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone is via its CSR programme.

Under Shaklee Cares; Shaklee had launched Shaklee Cares for Our Children for underprivileged children and now the newly launched CSR initiative is the Shaklee Cares for Our Youth, where the YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) comes in.

How YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) works:

YES is ideally suited for the young and the young-at-heart looking for financial freedom and time freedom.
“Becoming an entrepreneur with YES is as simple as joining Shaklee, using our products and sharing these products with your community of friends and family,” says Victor.

Shaklee Blogger Day 2015 The Pinnacle Sunway, 1 June 2015

In conjunction with Shaklee 60th anniversary, Shaklee Malaysia has launched the YES program (Young Entrepreneur System) to support all the Malaysians who are ambitious to live in a better life and have strong determination to be the next millionaire in Shaklee to join this program.

In this CSR project, Shaklee offers the followings to support your business;

1. We incentivize you additional 100% matching bonus when you inviting business entrepreneurs to participate in the YES program. By doing so, you are helping more people to stay in a healthier and better lives

2. We incentivize you additional 50% matching your nett income for as long as 13 months. Example: Nett income + additional 50% bonus

3. Shaklee premium quality products will ensure you live in an optimum health. Shaklee products are always safe, always works and always work.

4. We provide seminars and trainings to equip you with necessary knowledges and skills to run Shaklee business professionally

5. You will have a chance to travel with Shaklee for all the 5 stars treatment incentive trips absolutely Free.

In summarize, Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives are:

#1. Vita-lea 100 years celebration incentive

Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives

#2. YES 100% Enrolment Matching Bonus Incentive

#3. YES rank up bonus incentive upto RM5000*

#4. YES wellness Packs Incentive

Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives

#5. YES matching bonus incentive

In the past 60 years, Shaklee has paid more than RM25 billions commission and has successfully built thousands of millionaires.

Are you the next Millionaire in Shaklee?

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Shaklee CSR YES 5 Incentives

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